BHS Class of 2014 | Hayley

Oh my goodness ya’ll I had no idea this post would be so hard to write.  When we first moved to Belton we didn’t know anyone.  Then we had kids and they quickly became active in community sports and you know how the story goes from there.  Our oldest Madeline started her softball career at the age of 6 with Hayley’s little sister. I can honestly say this family quickly became our summer ball field family.  Hayley was only 12 at the time. Even though it was only 5 years ago it has gone so fast. Funny how you never realize how fast they are growing when they aren’t yours but I think I just aged writing this!

What an amazing young lady you have become and I am so happy to say we watched you become who you are today! bhs class of 2014-3 bhs class of 2014-35 bhs class of 2014-49 fb6 bhs class of 2014-44


Sarah and Rob you have an amazing daughter! She’s going to do amazing things. Love her and enjoy every minute of this year. It’s the first and last time she’ll ever be a Senior at Belton High School!

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AHmazing Athletes


As a runner my favorite quote has always been, “Life is like a marathon, It’ s full of ups and downs that take your breath away.” And last Sunday, my breath was definitely taken away. I was honored to shoot these AH-mazing Challenged Athletes who participated in the Shawnee Mission Triathlon.

Here are a few photos of their journey from that day as they crossed the finish line and accomplished one more amazing goal in life!

kctri1  kcblog2

kcblogtri5kcblog16 kcblog15 kcblog14 kcblog12 kcblog11


kcblog8 kcblog13 untitled-175 untitled-158 untitled-152

Thank you for adding a little perspective to my life and allowing me to share your joy and accomplishment. Don’t let life pass you buy enjoy every moment!

You are truley AH-mazing athletes each and every one of you! Congratulations Jacob, Adam, Team Ceclia who shows life has no limits, Mason,  and Earl.

For more information and to get involved or donate please contact

**to view more images from the day click here:







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  1. What a wonderful day! Congratulations to these wonderful athletes who faced big challenges and kept on going. You inspired me.


Shrum Family 2013



This if my third session with this amazing family! You would never know Little Man used to hate having his picture taken. What a fun night! This first photo is totally Anna- She loves softball and soccer and proves that even girls can grow up loving sports! shrumblog1 shrumblog2  shrumblog8 shrumblog10 shrumblog18 shrumblog15 shrumblog11

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